From the time that I was a little girl it was my dream to blossom into a beautiful, Godly young woman. Now on the brink of adulthood, I realize that part of this dream must meet reality.

The reality is that my "Godly woman" dream of someday being a perfect little housewife who bakes cookies, patiently trains up children at home, and ministers far and beyond to a larger crowd through amazing books, articles, and occasional speaking engagements, while never losing her cool or missing a beat, just isn't how my life is going to be. I am a sinner, and I have definitely "fallen short of the glory of God" as it says Romans. And yet, by God's amazing grace, He can still use me. If I submit to the Heavenly Father's plan for growing me, I won't ever be perfect (and I highly doubt that I will ever do all those big things I dreamed of), but I will be blessed by my obedience.

This blog is to encourage fellow sisters who aren't perfect, and who DON'T have it all together, but who are still willing to obey God's Word. Going to scripture should be a constant commitment of ours so that we can deeply root ourselves in His Word.  Jesus said that His Father is the Gardener (John 15), and we are the branches. Branches need to bear fruit, not just flower and look pretty. Bearing fruit means going through the painful but necessary pruning the Gardener does to our hearts.

It is my prayer that I can offer Biblical insight to girls who are earnestly seeking it.
Girls under the gardening of God's gracious hand.